Check Free Memory on an LDOM Server

How to find the memory on a Solaris system hosting primary and guest LDOMs

For capacity planning, it is useful to know how much free resource is available on a given LDOM server. That is, a “parent” system hosting several guest LDOMs. For example, if you want to know how many more LDOM’s the server could support.

Log in to the primary LDOM and type ptrconf -v, or any of the usual commands to see memory, and all you get back is the memory assigned to the primary LDOM. Not useful. To get the memory of the whole box, use this instead:

# ldm list-devices

which will show all memory and CPUs on the box that are not in use by LDOMs. Supply -a” to the command, and all resources are shown, used and free.

3 thoughts on “Check Free Memory on an LDOM Server

  1. I have been building and managing LDOM’s for a couple of years now, and nowhere have I ever come across this command. I always jumped through several hoops, mainting spreadsheets, etc. to track what bare metal hosts had what. WIth this command, it is all shown. I don’t know why I’ve never seen it before, as many times as I have to be in the manual. SO, thank you for this information!!!! Best regards.

  2. Cheers Mike, glad it helped. Sun don’t exactly make it obvious that this is the command to show free memory in the frame.

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