How to Enlarge Kodi Fonts

Kodi is one of the most popular media centre solutions. However, unless you like to sit very close to the TV, the default font sizes are on the small side. This article describes a simple improvement that will take care of that. It’s assumed that you are using the “Estuary“. These modifications apply mainly to the live TV function of Kodi/OSMC. This article was updated 3rd Feb 2020 and is tested for Kodi 18.5.

The Kodi/OSMC user interface is highly customizable, and there are many Internet pages explaining how it all works. But in this procedure, we will just make a small change. These instructions were originally written for OSMC running on a Raspberry Pi, but they work for stand alone Kodi too, and should also work for other hardware platforms.

The procedure was written using Kodi 18.5 and OSMC update November 2019.

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