File Serving: Sheevaplug vs Pi vs WDTV vs Linkstation vs Home Hub 3

In need of some network storage in the home ? Well, you could go off and buy a proper NAS unit, offering RAID, several Tb of storage, fast access speeds and so on. On the other hand, you might have something lying round the house that will do. It won’t be as good as a proper NAS, but it might just be good enough. Continue reading

Connect to Sheevaplug USB from Red Hat Linux

The Sheevaplug is a small ARM based “plug computer” manufactured by GlobalScale. This post explains how to connect over the serial connection for out-of-band access. A bit like connecting to the server processor of a unix server, or the alom/ilom of a Sun/Oracle box, or the Vsphere console of a vmware system.

Connect a USB cable from your PC to the sheevaplug’s micro USB port (also called the “JTAG” port) and proceed as below. Continue reading

Upgrading the Sheevaplug to Debian 6 Squeeze

The Sheevaplug is is a very small computer made by Globalscale. It is designed to offer standard computing functions in a very small space. Consuming just a few watts of power, the Sheevaplug makes a good home server, with applications ranging from network storage to web hosting and home security.

This article explains how to upgrade a Sheevaplug to Debian 6 using a pre-built image available from New IT. It is a quick and simple procedure, requiring less technical knowledge than, for example, installing Debian from scratch. Continue reading